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We will periodically tag the WALA repository with release numbers. To check out a particular release, see the branches in the GitHub repository, or the Sourceforge repository for releases 1.3.4 and earlier.


Changes since Release 1.3.4:

  • New features
    • Added ability to serialize JavaScript call graphs to JSON; see
    • Added basic compatibility with Java 7; the invokedynamic bytecode is still not supported.
    • Some support for integration with Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT); see project.
    • Added a field-based call graph builder for JavaScript, as described in this ICSE'13 paper; see code in* packages.
    • Support for parsing Java annotations in the JDT front-end.
    • Maven build support! See Getting Started for details. Built on this support, we also now have continuous integration on Travis CI to catch regressions quickly.
  • API Changes
    • Refactored to no longer rely on Eclipse. Specific changes are listed below, and in general we recommend that any code using WALA from an Eclipse plug-in be re-tested.
      • new class EclipseFileProvider, subclassing FileProvider, containing Eclipse-specific functionality. FileProvider methods now do not work within Eclipse for loading files from plug-ins. Also, previously-static methods are now instance methods.
      • moved WalaProperties.getWalaCorePluginHome() to EclipseFileProvider
      • various AnalysisScopeReader functionality involving plug-ins moved to EclipseAnalysisScopeReader
      • moved ProgressMaster and ProgressMonitorDelegate to
    • The project was removed, as its functionality had bitrotted long ago.
  • Code Cleanup and Bug Fixes
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