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For either bug fixes or enhancements, please try to run the Regression Tests before contributing code to WALA.

Bug Fixes

For minor bug fixes of <100 lines of code, that don't introduce any new functionality, you don't need to fill out a Contributor License Agreement. Please just submit the patch and make a note in the bug report.


If you have extended WALA and would like to contribute your extension back to the community, please use the patch tracker to submit a patch. When submitting a patch, please include the following:

   * The patch file for your contribution
   * The Contributor License Agreement below
   * A description of the functionality you are contributing
   * The subversion version of the system to which the patch applies

All contributions should adhere to the Coding Conventions.

Your contribution will be licensed under the EPL (Eclipse Public License), the license used for WALA. The license has been approved by the OSI (Open Source Initiative) as a fully certified open source license.

Contributor License Agreement

Developer's Corner

At Developer's Corner, we'll host wiki discussion of ongoing development activities.

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